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Edward Fredricks "Eddie" was born and raised in Guanaja - Honduras. That's where he first started working on Boats as early as 10 years old as a helper to His father. A well known mechanic throughout the islands in the Caribbean.

At age 18, Eddie took over his father's company and grew the business to a point where he was even getting motors from all over the world.

Today, with over 40+ years of experience, he continues to offer his clients the best warranty and top of the line service.

Let us be your service provider and we will guarantee you will not regret it.  

We are Florida's (located in Tampa, FL) industry leader in boat service, rebuilt powerheads and powerhead kits.

Our customer's satisfaction is our main and only Goal so If we don't have your model powerhead in stock; we can rebuild yours in as little as 5 days. Yes, you heard right 5 days!!! That is our promise and commitment to you so that you can go back to what you love to do the most. Get on the Water and have fun with your family and friends.

All of our rebuilt powerheads come with a 2 year warranty when other competitors only offer you a 1 year warranty at most if not less.

If you are just overhauling your outboard powerhead; guess what? You just came to the right place!